Element 外滩源
Element Rockbund

Category:      Interior
Area:           80 sqm
Year:              2023
Location:      Shanghai

Element 外滩源店位于上海外滩历史建筑群的核心位置。设计以生活中常见的储物家具作为圆形,提取了“柜”、“台”、“几”、“架”四种不同比例尺度与功能的柜体形式。在以经典尺度为基础的同时,展陈装置的设计融入了历史建筑中常用的比例及模数的概念,形成了严密的几何体系。整体的展陈系统成为了既呼应外滩源改造的历史观,又符合经典生活场景的“Urban Living Room”。

The Element Bund Origin store is located in the heart of the historic Bund architectural complex in Shanghai. The design takes inspiration from common storage furniture in daily life, incorporating four distinct cabinet forms: "cabinet," "table," "stool," and "shelf," each varying in scale and function. While based on classic dimensions, the display installations integrate the proportions and modules commonly found in historic buildings, forming a rigorous geometric system. This comprehensive display system serves as an "Urban Living Room" that both echoes the historical perspective of the Bund Origin renovation and aligns with classic living scenarios.

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