Drunk ‘n’ Jump Draft Beer Bar

Category:          F&B
Area:           60 sqm
Year:             2022
Location:     Shanghai



从跳海的品牌理念出发, 通过引导每位到访者毫不拘束地、以自己觉得最舒服的方式在这里与空间、产品和人群发生互动,这个”少即是多”的空间所蕴藏的创造性潜力得到了充分释放。

Located on the corner of the ground floor of a newly renovated mixed-use building, the popular draft beer bar found its home in a compact 50-sqm-store.  To create more usable space, the raised floor inside the store is partially removed to create a centralized sunken space.  Customers approaching from the street would have to go up several flights of stairs to raise to the veranda level, and after they pass the entrance doorway of the bar, they will be greeted by a miniature sunken plaza 1.2 meters below their standing height.

The walls of the sunken plaza are wrapped with iron sheets, and rivets are used to attach the sheets to the hidden steel frames that provide support to the raised-floor area surrounding the plaza.  All the door frames, window frames, shelves and cabinet are made of Baltic birch.   When standing in the middle of the sunken plaza, those Baltic birch are much above eye level, and thus seem to be floating in midair, while paneling the surrounding walls.  Many of the joints that can be found here deviate away from the norm.  They are the results of a design which combines structural logic with a novelty, elegant look.

Putting the brand mission of Drink ‘n’ Jump in mind, through inviting all the visitors to interact with the space, products, and the crowd in whatever ways appeal to them, the creative potential of the minimalistic space got fully unearthed.

© Ao.ArchLab

© Ao.ArchLab